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Networked Media Unit

Networked Media Unit targets research on the technological process known as Convergence, thanks to which all kinds of media can be distributed, shared, managed and consumed through various networks in a convergent manner.



CHORUS is a Coordination Action which aims at creating the conditions of mutual information and cross fertilisation between the projects targetibf Advanced Search Technologies for digital audio-visual content.



The nextMedia Coordination Action aims to coordinate the efforts in Europe towards producing a clear situation of the Future Media Internet (FMI), create common pillars (e.g. the Future Media Internet reference architecture for Europe) and support the results of the developments of the European projects.


Interesting Links related to the COAST objectives

"Search Computing Business Areas, Research and Socio-Economic Challenges,"

A White paper from the Media Search Cluster. Download the paper

"Future Media Internet Architecture Reference Model (v1.0)," March 2011

A White paper from the Future Media Internet Architecture Think Tank (FMIA-TT). Download the paper

"Fundamental Limitations of Current Internet," March 2011

A White paper from the Future Internet Architecture Group (FIArch). Go to the relevant link

Why do we need a content-centric Future Internet? - A paper from the Future Internet Assemby on content-centric Internet architectures
Download the paper

The Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) at the National Science Foundation (NSF) announced today awards for four new projects, each worth up to $8 million over three years, as part of the Future Internet Architecture (FIA) program.
Go to the relevant link


COAST is a STREP research project within the European Research Programme 7 and it is partially funded by the European Commission under contract ICT-248036


* The COAST logo is based on the painting “Birds Eye View of Sea Coast” by Leonardo Da Vinci

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